Why does silver change color? The process is actually called oxidation. It happens when oxygen in the air combines with silver, changing the appearance (color) of silver. There is no need to worry though, there are many ways and low-costing products available in the market made specifically for cleaning silver.  Also, it is advisable to keep your silver jewelry inside zip lock bags when they are not in use so as to delay the process of tarnishing (oxidation). Below is an excellent way to clean silver:

boiling water


aluminium foil

baking soda

metal container

tarnished silver


Spread a piece of aluminum foil (shiny face up) into the metal container. Put in the tarnished silver piece, sprinkle in baking soda, then add boiling water. See water bubbles up... let it soak for a minute. Finally, rinse the piece with cold water.


Your silver piece is back to it's shiny state!


Clean silver this way only if there is no other material on it. See below for cleaning on any other design:

  • clean in an ultrasonic bath machine

  • clean with silver polish lotion or cloth
  • wipe with damp and soft towel after each use

This is how you show take care of your silver jewelries:

  • store each piece in an airtight bag

  • avoid chemicals

  • avoid smashing

  • avoid scratching with other jewelries

  • do not wear in perspiring sports

  • do not wear in shower